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Monks (and a nun) of Myanmar

Monks line up for meal

Breakfast time, Nuang Shwe

Monks line up for meal

Feeding time at the monastery near Mandalay: youngsters run the gauntlet of tourists, for second and last meal of the day

Nun at Bagan pagoda

Deeply undisturbed by the commentating French tourist guide and accompanying flock – nun at Bagan

Feeding time at the monastery near Mandalay

Monks in monastery dining room, near Mandalay

Very young monk

The youngest monk and friends, Mandalay

Buddhist monk near Mandalay

Monk at work!

Monk over wall

Here come the monks! Foreigners to look at…

Young monk observing foreigners

Not quite got the dress code yet…

Young monk looks at holy fish pond

Contemplating the holy fish, Mandalay



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