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I love this city…..




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Here’s to you, William Robinson…

After lunch in the City, strolling home through the Queensland University of Technology precinct Ron and I wandered into Old Government House and lucked upon a terrific (free) permanent exhibition of the paintings of William Robinson.

Old Government House dates from 1862, making it pretty old by Australian standards. It housed 11 Governors over 48 years. The wife of Queensland’s first governor, George Bowen, gave birth to two of their children in the House. I assume the Diamantina River and town of Roma are named for her, and the town of Bowen for her husband.

Old Government House, Brisbane

Old Government House, Brisbane

William Robinson was born in 1936, and is still living in Brisbane. Winner of the Archibald and Wynne prizes and various other accolades, William is a great painter of landscapes and quirky scenes.


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Whither the corner store?

Once upon a time, we had an abundance of corner shops in our towns and cities, but they have gradually been eased out by the longer hours of the big chain supermarkets and our comfort with getting in the car to head off shopping at big centres and malls (instead of strolling down to the corner – and paying perhaps more for our purchases).

On my cycles I go past some of the survivors – open at the civilised hour of 6:30am (not so civilised for the proprietors no doubt), and here are two. Love the old Billy Tea siding.

Hoogley Street corner shop

Hoogley Street corner shop

An's convenience store

An’s – An saved up and built a house on the back – hardy immigrant behaviour!

Some other pics from my cycling mornings:


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Floral Sunday

Today I cycled to Roma Street Parklands – these lovely gardens were the brainchild of Colin Campbell, a much loved horticulturist who died last year, and for whom a large section full of bright blooms, sculpture, trees and water features has been named.

Flower beds

Flower beds honouring Colin Campbell

The water dragons were out in force, scaring the tourists. And the blue fairy wrens flitted through the shrubs. Glorious park for a rest stop.


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Joys of cycling: Myanmar (2)

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March 1, 2013 · 1:32 pm

Pagodas, Buddhas and bicycles

Have just returned from cycling in Myanmar (and Bangkok! at night! crazy or what?). The five days of cycling was pretty marvellous, enabling the usual handlebar height perusal of picturesque countryside, with many a ‘Mingalaba!’ (hello) along the way with the friendly locals. Sadly my camera died suddenly while I was snapping women roadworkers, and my backup camera only lasted for a few more days, so my picture haul isn’t so great. However…

Cycle from Mandalay

Ready to take to the road in Mandalay

Myanmar is facing the challenge of extreme poverty in many parts, staggering corruption, poor infrastructure to cater for all the tourists wanting to visit, and mountains of rubbish polluting the environment, AND all the political, economic and social issues not being addressed by this blogger. One cannot turn around without seeing a Buddha, Pagoda or monk: Buddhism is taken very, very seriously.

Pagodas Bagan

Just a few of the Pagodas at magical Bagan

Bagan golden Pagoda

Many of the Pagodas are golden, many ochre coloured

And monks line up daily for the gift of food. All males are expected to do at least two stints (of extremely flexible length: 1 day to forever) as monks in their lifetime.

Monks getting free food

They don’t say thank you either

Travelling Buddha

Appropriately, this is Buddha as Traveller

On the road, we saw beautiful trees in flower…

Flames in forest tree

Exquisite flames in the forest tree, just before a great downhill run

Sustainable transport:

Hay cart and cyclists

And just one more Buddha for this post (a large one):

Large reclining Buddha

We don’t point the soles of our feet at the Buddha; Buddha on the other hand…

More anon…

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Joys of cycling (4)

Monday’s cycle – into West End where I witnessed:
One cyclist fishing (successfully – just as I passed, a beautiful large shiny fish emerged, but fancy fishing in Brisbane river!)
Two chaps practising karate on the grass
One orange-robed monk sauntering with camera in hand
The World Turns – an impressive piece of sculpture near the Kurilpa bridge.

The World Turns

The sculpture acknowledges the “kuril” or native local water rat as caretaker of the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) site. This little creature, on the ground near the front, ‘up-ends’ the elephant with its cultural and intellectual weight.

And I passed this tower, a Brisbane landmark at Davies Park:

Tower, West End

And let my noble steed briefly visit with City cousins – near a classic Queenslander style house and beautiful, massive fig tree.

Fig with cycles


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