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Damn you Alectura lathami!!

Many countries have troublesome wildlife, and although most of the pests in urban Australia aren’t up there with rampaging elephants, we can get our knickers in a twist over the scrub turkey (Alectura lathami) digging up our gardens.

Scrub turkey

Note the large vicious claws – they are efficient beyond belief in garden destruction

And the reason is this:
Scrub turkey on mound

Yeah, this is someone’s garden and I’m darn proud of this mound

These critters are on the increase, but are protected.

So, this past weekend we dared to plant some new bromeliads. Crazy maybe, but we had a plan.

Bromeliads newly planted

Scrub turkey heaven

And the ‘after’ shot…

Broms with plastic mesh

Yes, very attractive, and secured with tent pegs

Game on, turkeys!!



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Possum food (1)

We’re used to finding the local possums have raided our garden (and like to raid the fruit bowl in the house), but now we’ve discovered the little critters are eating the new growth on our calliandra next to the house. I’d wondered why the plant looked so crook, and rarely has flowers on it these days. The calliandra has been there for many years, and it appears that the possum might be struggling to get food it likes (netting on the garden seems to be working!) so has taken to nibbling on the shrub enroute to the taller trees in the yard.
Possum in tree

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