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New year, new experiences

I hope it isn’t an omen, but I had a puncture on day 1 of 2013. Only had one other puncture since I started cycling in 2005, and I was able to get our bike shop to fix it for me. This time, Ron got his hands dirty, and I was able to stand by with the Wet Ones ready, just like a nurse in the operating room, but less useful. Had trouble with the wee bike pump but a nearby householder came to the rescue (also a portly gent drew up in his flash car and offered to look for his car pump in his garage at the end of the street – he then DROVE back to tell us he couldn’t find it!) He admired our athleticism but wouldn’t join us.
The rest of the day was pretty good: nice lunch at Ahmet’s in Oxford Street, Bulimba, followed by the excellent movie The Quartet (packed house, so we had to sit apart in order to get a seat not requiring surgery after sitting with head at 180 degree angle).
Cycled home via the New Farm bowls club – well-priced beer, river breezes.
Home to Lord of the Rings DVD (part two; part one was NYE) and that was January 1.


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