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I think a cold has been delivered…

What am I saying – a cold has definitely arrived. (Post title courtesy of Susan Abrams’ poem). The downside is the interruption of my regular activity (work, cycling to work, cycling home from work, sleeping; but not watching telly and cooking and eating) and the upside, depending on your perspective, is that I’m blogging again after a hiatus (of sheer laziness).


The arsenal, not including fetching beanie, woolly jumper and ugg boots

My approach to this unwelcome intrusion is as follows: hot lemon drink with honey (frequently), sitting in the sun in the rocking chair reading a best-selling book (that terrified me out of my wits about my consumption of seed oils and polyunsaturated fats until I read the review in The Conversation and some other opinion pieces – though I still think the author’s onto something – what’s not to like about eating butter, bacon and eggs being good for you?), burner oil perfuming the environs, occasional menthol and eucalyptus inhalation (hot water, towel over head), Vicks Vaporub on the chest and a variety of snorted and swallowed medications (nothing illegal).

If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will. The million dollar question (maybe not quite that much) is whether I’ll be well enough to dig holes and plant trees for my dear friend on her rural block this weekend. What an inconvenient cold!!


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Tea challenge – Day One

Having given my liver some challenges over the festive season, I figured it was time to imbibe some beverages less deleterious to my next blood test reading, and settled on tea after reading a great article on tea tasting in a copy of Gourmet Traveller Wine friends gave us at Christmas time. (Thanks, Chris and Tam). Handily we already have lots of variety in the pantry already: Turkish Apple, Goji akai (green tea), China Jasmine, Sencha and Gorgeous giesha to name a few (also gifts from friends of my liver).

And I have some lovely floral teapots, cups and the paraphernalia required to make the experience pleasant and civilised. So, I am embarking on a couple of weeks of no alcohol (which is the real challenge) and the drinking of delicious teas. The last time I had a stretch of alcohol-free days was in September prior to undertaking the Inka trail: Maree and I had read that it was best to eschew booze while acclimatizing to the altitude. We managed 11 days, much to the astonishment of our fellow travellers who knew of our fondness for local wines and beers.

So, it’s time for a brew.Image

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