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Brunswick Heads: home of weird headwear

Last weekend, after visiting Ballina, Ron and I tootled north to Brunswick Heads to join friends for a weekend of wood-chops, wine and music (+ the beach of course!).

Every January, Bruns hosts the Fish and Chips Festival: a terrific four days of blokes and sheilas whacking blocks of wood with axes (and saws) – and there’s fishing too. Our mates volunteer – clearing up chips from the arena (ring crew) and selling merchandise (shirts, caps, stubby holders) and raffle tickets. This happens during school holidays, so the town is full of visitors and the place is buzzing.

This is wood-chopping in action:

Wood-chopping at Brunswick Heads

Brad Delosa on the right is an international champion

They start young.

Youngster wood chopping

This little cove is 7

Ring crew members like to dress up for the occasion.

Ring crew member Brunswick Heads

Nice legs fella!

Spectator with sun protection:

Man with flipper on head

Flippers have so many uses!

Nothing goes to waste – eat the melon, wear the skin.

Melonhead at Brunswick Heads woodchops

Does he have an unfair advantage with that cooling headgear?

It wasn’t all wood-chopping at the festival. The Cobra Club of Queensland displayed their sportscars in the main drag.

Cobra cars at Brunswick Heads

American-engined British sportscars

At the pub on Sunday, more of the local liking for novel headwear:

Man with bottle on head

This bloke can dance wearing his hydration equipment

The band, Fyah Walk:

Band at pub Brunswick Heads

Footwear is optional

And an indigenous musician:

Musician Brunswick Heads

Now THAT’S a didgeridoo!

sheilas = women
cove = bloke
didgeridoo = Australian Aboriginal musical instrument
stubby holder = container for keeping a small bottle of beer (stubby) cool
main drag = main street (drivers are sometimes known to ‘drag’ one another off – race – on the main drag in Aussie towns)


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