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Spring is sprung

My father’s health is failing, and my parents’ much loved garden in country south-east Queensland has not received so much attention of late. Nonetheless, there is plenty flowering, putting on a show for Spring. The birds love it – including red-winged parrots and lorikeets.


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Melbourne moments

On a recent trip to ‘sunny’ Melbourne, we visited Brighton Beach, listened to Mark Seymour in Federation Square and took in some sights. We didn’t JUST go shopping!

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I love this city…..



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Damn you Alectura lathami!!

Many countries have troublesome wildlife, and although most of the pests in urban Australia aren’t up there with rampaging elephants, we can get our knickers in a twist over the scrub turkey (Alectura lathami) digging up our gardens.

Scrub turkey

Note the large vicious claws – they are efficient beyond belief in garden destruction

And the reason is this:
Scrub turkey on mound

Yeah, this is someone’s garden and I’m darn proud of this mound

These critters are on the increase, but are protected.

So, this past weekend we dared to plant some new bromeliads. Crazy maybe, but we had a plan.

Bromeliads newly planted

Scrub turkey heaven

And the ‘after’ shot…

Broms with plastic mesh

Yes, very attractive, and secured with tent pegs

Game on, turkeys!!


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Floral Sunday

Today I cycled to Roma Street Parklands – these lovely gardens were the brainchild of Colin Campbell, a much loved horticulturist who died last year, and for whom a large section full of bright blooms, sculpture, trees and water features has been named.

Flower beds

Flower beds honouring Colin Campbell

The water dragons were out in force, scaring the tourists. And the blue fairy wrens flitted through the shrubs. Glorious park for a rest stop.


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What’s flowering

…in our garden, after the rain…




Our own ptychocarpa

Pink hibiscus

Delicate pink

Red hibiscus

Outside the kitchen window

Yellow hibiscus

Yellow hibiscus

Bush with white flowers

Mystery bush


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Joys of cycling (1)

Cycling in Brisbane means pedalling past lots of interesting trees, vistas, public art and interesting sights. Here’s what I saw this morning.

Mangoes 1
Heavily laden mango tree near Princess Alexandra Hospital

Poinciana near the path between Kangaroo Point and South Bank

Public gardens
Council’s help-yourself vege and herb gardens beside the path

Bridge art
Art on the railway bridge – look thru the keyhole to see the silver snaking down the column

Bike at fence
Neighbourhood eucalyptus ptychocarpa, with my noble steed against the fence

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