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Down by the river

Today I cycled along the Brisbane Corso, a favourite route, and saw a rainbow in the heavy southwestern skies.

Rainbow over Brisbane River

Boats, earthworks and a rainbow

The cats’ whiskers are in flower …

Cats whiskers

Orthosiphon aristatus

… as are the golden penda.

Golden penda

Xanthostemon chrysanthus

Trusty has a rest against a paperbark tree.

Paperbark and bike

Probably melaleuca leucadendra

A new horn on an old bike. Noise: blit — blat! Reckon it’ll clear the path.
Bike horn


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Joys of cycling: Myanmar (1)


February 22, 2013 · 12:52 pm

Well, we wanted rain ….

but not a year’s worth in 60 hours. Following on from devastating bushfires in the south of my country and record-setting heatwaves throughout the land, we’ve just experienced Cyclone Oswald creating havoc in our northern and central coastal parts.

On my morning cycle – after a long weekend of being cooped up while the storm raged – under beautiful blue skies, I saw the Brisbane River carrying debris and flotsam. After our terrible flood of 2011, I couldn’t believe there was still infrastructure to get loose and take to the current, but there it was.

Debris on river

The swollen Brisbane River carrying debris toward the sea

Trees snapped or leaned every which way.

Snapped tree at UQ

What’s left of a tree at University of Queensland – grounds staff had already been to the scene

Water lay around the playing fields.

Ibis at UQ

The birds were happy (where do they go during these wild storms?)

The water was up over the walking path.

Flooded Brisbane River

Tides had brought the flood water up over the road I was on

This year, the boats were saved.

Grammar School boats

Grammar School’s craft all high and dry

The state of the walkway along the cultural precinct hadn’t deterred a few cyclists.

Muddy walkway at Brisbane River

Except me – I decided to spare the back of my cycling shirt and beat a retreat.

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Boats, Buddhas and Buckinghamia

Yay! the Buckinghamia celsissima are in flower. One of Brisbane’s favourite street trees is showing off. These blonde beauties are flinging their ivory curls about and filling the air with perfume. Nice.

Don’t you just love a bit of alliteration to start the day? The blogger’s friend. I pedalled past this Buddha and just had to sneak a photo – what a smile to come home to every evening! He’s laughing, the yard needs work, but who cares? Be happy!

Buddha in front yard

Messing about in boats: rowers on the river on a (thankfully) much cooler morning. The heatwave is taking a holiday and it’s great cycling weather.

Rowers on Brisbane river

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