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Melbourne moments

On a recent trip to ‘sunny’ Melbourne, we visited Brighton Beach, listened to Mark Seymour in Federation Square and took in some sights. We didn’t JUST go shopping!


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I love this city…..



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Brunswick Heads revisited

The recent Kites and Bikes festival at Brunswick Heads (New South Wales, Australia) drew the crowds – to show off bikes in the town, and fly some kites on the beach. Bruns is a terrific community and a nicely low-rise, family friendly coastal township. On our trip down for the weekend, we popped into the Tweed Art Gallery, to check out the most excellent Margaret Olley exhibit (no photography allowed, but you can find links to her work here). The gallery has a superb setting, looking toward Mount Warning and Murwillumbah.

We stayed at Hotel Brunswick, which has some nice period pieces, including fabulous ducks on the wall!!

We walked on the beach…

And into town…

And back to the beach…

For a grand weekend!

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Here’s to you, William Robinson…

After lunch in the City, strolling home through the Queensland University of Technology precinct Ron and I wandered into Old Government House and lucked upon a terrific (free) permanent exhibition of the paintings of William Robinson.

Old Government House dates from 1862, making it pretty old by Australian standards. It housed 11 Governors over 48 years. The wife of Queensland’s first governor, George Bowen, gave birth to two of their children in the House. I assume the Diamantina River and town of Roma are named for her, and the town of Bowen for her husband.

Old Government House, Brisbane

Old Government House, Brisbane

William Robinson was born in 1936, and is still living in Brisbane. Winner of the Archibald and Wynne prizes and various other accolades, William is a great painter of landscapes and quirky scenes.


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Whither the corner store?

Once upon a time, we had an abundance of corner shops in our towns and cities, but they have gradually been eased out by the longer hours of the big chain supermarkets and our comfort with getting in the car to head off shopping at big centres and malls (instead of strolling down to the corner – and paying perhaps more for our purchases).

On my cycles I go past some of the survivors – open at the civilised hour of 6:30am (not so civilised for the proprietors no doubt), and here are two. Love the old Billy Tea siding.

Hoogley Street corner shop

Hoogley Street corner shop

An's convenience store

An’s – An saved up and built a house on the back – hardy immigrant behaviour!

Some other pics from my cycling mornings:


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Joys of cycling: Myanmar (4)

Cycling in central Myanmar is most enjoyable. Many of these photos feature scenes in Bagan, site of many impressive pagodas.

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Joys of cycling (5)

On yesterday’s morning cycle, I took a route that follows our South East Freeway, more or less between the ‘burbs of Greenslopes and Annerley. There’s plenty of hideous graffiti vandalism to observe, but there are some nice pieces of artwork along the way. But first of all, I passed a homeless person in a hammock. It looks pretty blissful, but it did shower during the night…

Man in hammock

Just hangin’ ….

And near the railway station, we have a thong fence in the making! Now, for the uninitiated, thongs in Australia have always been footwear – known as flip flops in some countries. And increasingly so here, as well (and not just because we have lots of Kiwis – New Zealanders – living here now, and we’re always visiting NZ and can’t talk about thongs without cracking people up). Just so you don’t think we wear these things on our nether regions. We have that sort of thong too. Say no more.

fence with thongs

Trusty, next to the beginnings of something silly

Trusty next to a depiction of a very strange bicycle:

Building art

These two are on the same building in Stones Corner:



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