Melbourne moments

On a recent trip to ‘sunny’ Melbourne, we visited Brighton Beach, listened to Mark Seymour in Federation Square and took in some sights. We didn’t JUST go shopping!


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Cooloola, camping and cycling

Recently we headed for Noosaville on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, during a week-long festival of arts. Our tent site was right next to the river, the cycling in Cooloola Recreation Area was challenging (wettish) and the sunsets divine.

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I love this city…..



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Eiffel Tower

I’ve no idea how this glorious curve happened, but I love it (and the Eiffel Tower)


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I think a cold has been delivered…

What am I saying – a cold has definitely arrived. (Post title courtesy of Susan Abrams’ poem). The downside is the interruption of my regular activity (work, cycling to work, cycling home from work, sleeping; but not watching telly and cooking and eating) and the upside, depending on your perspective, is that I’m blogging again after a hiatus (of sheer laziness).


The arsenal, not including fetching beanie, woolly jumper and ugg boots

My approach to this unwelcome intrusion is as follows: hot lemon drink with honey (frequently), sitting in the sun in the rocking chair reading a best-selling book (that terrified me out of my wits about my consumption of seed oils and polyunsaturated fats until I read the review in The Conversation and some other opinion pieces – though I still think the author’s onto something – what’s not to like about eating butter, bacon and eggs being good for you?), burner oil perfuming the environs, occasional menthol and eucalyptus inhalation (hot water, towel over head), Vicks Vaporub on the chest and a variety of snorted and swallowed medications (nothing illegal).

If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will. The million dollar question (maybe not quite that much) is whether I’ll be well enough to dig holes and plant trees for my dear friend on her rural block this weekend. What an inconvenient cold!!

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Damn you Alectura lathami!!

Many countries have troublesome wildlife, and although most of the pests in urban Australia aren’t up there with rampaging elephants, we can get our knickers in a twist over the scrub turkey (Alectura lathami) digging up our gardens.

Scrub turkey

Note the large vicious claws – they are efficient beyond belief in garden destruction

And the reason is this:
Scrub turkey on mound

Yeah, this is someone’s garden and I’m darn proud of this mound

These critters are on the increase, but are protected.

So, this past weekend we dared to plant some new bromeliads. Crazy maybe, but we had a plan.

Bromeliads newly planted

Scrub turkey heaven

And the ‘after’ shot…

Broms with plastic mesh

Yes, very attractive, and secured with tent pegs

Game on, turkeys!!


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Brunswick Heads revisited

The recent Kites and Bikes festival at Brunswick Heads (New South Wales, Australia) drew the crowds – to show off bikes in the town, and fly some kites on the beach. Bruns is a terrific community and a nicely low-rise, family friendly coastal township. On our trip down for the weekend, we popped into the Tweed Art Gallery, to check out the most excellent Margaret Olley exhibit (no photography allowed, but you can find links to her work here). The gallery has a superb setting, looking toward Mount Warning and Murwillumbah.

We stayed at Hotel Brunswick, which has some nice period pieces, including fabulous ducks on the wall!!

We walked on the beach…

And into town…

And back to the beach…

For a grand weekend!

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