Damn you Alectura lathami!!

Many countries have troublesome wildlife, and although most of the pests in urban Australia aren’t up there with rampaging elephants, we can get our knickers in a twist over the scrub turkey (Alectura lathami) digging up our gardens.

Scrub turkey

Note the large vicious claws – they are efficient beyond belief in garden destruction

And the reason is this:
Scrub turkey on mound

Yeah, this is someone’s garden and I’m darn proud of this mound

These critters are on the increase, but are protected.

So, this past weekend we dared to plant some new bromeliads. Crazy maybe, but we had a plan.

Bromeliads newly planted

Scrub turkey heaven

And the ‘after’ shot…

Broms with plastic mesh

Yes, very attractive, and secured with tent pegs

Game on, turkeys!!



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5 responses to “Damn you Alectura lathami!!

  1. It is getting harder and harder to protect your plants/veggies or fruits from wild animals…I am using chicken wire to guard my planters because there are way too many racoons and squirrels in the city….sigh….what else can you do?

    • Rob

      We mustn’t give up! It’s a shame that our preventative measures can be unsightly, (or make it hard to harvest: our veggies are shrouded in netting to protect against possums and turkeys) but one day we might develop deterrents that are things of beauty in themselves. Now there’s a challenge…. 🙂

  2. I am on the other side of the world and yet my blood pressure just shot up! These creatures!!!! One thing I did hear of as a technique to get rid of them is to put a life-sized colour picture of a male bloody-bastard bush turkey in your garden. Others come along and think there is already a claim on the territory and so they move on. At least that’s the theory. But, I wouldn’t pull out the tent pegs just yet! As if our precious free time away from work isn’t small enough without having to spend your time and energy barricading the garden beds. Aaaaaghghghgh!

    • Rob

      And there were five of the bloody-bastard bush turkeys in the garden this morning! The one time we used a trap (at great expense), it had a mirror in it and the male eventually (after running maniacally around the trap for a while) went in. The next day, six more visited. Maybe there’s a niche market there tho – make some statues (a new sort of gnome?) and see what happens. Pity I’m not artistic.

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