Whither the corner store?

Once upon a time, we had an abundance of corner shops in our towns and cities, but they have gradually been eased out by the longer hours of the big chain supermarkets and our comfort with getting in the car to head off shopping at big centres and malls (instead of strolling down to the corner – and paying perhaps more for our purchases).

On my cycles I go past some of the survivors – open at the civilised hour of 6:30am (not so civilised for the proprietors no doubt), and here are two. Love the old Billy Tea siding.

Hoogley Street corner shop

Hoogley Street corner shop

An's convenience store

An’s – An saved up and built a house on the back – hardy immigrant behaviour!

Some other pics from my cycling mornings:



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2 responses to “Whither the corner store?

  1. Hey Rob, a neighbour recently told me that the empty “shop” on Gloucester St (further up near my place, that I think used to be an interior design store before it became student housing) might be turned into a coffee shop. Seen any activity of this kind on your cyclabouts?

    • Rob

      No Larah, but I’ve been very slack about cycling in these cooler months. I’ll have to swing by and check it out. We have a few coffee shops in Gladstone Road now, and one of the restaurants (Galangal) has changed name again!

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