What’s flowering

…in our garden, after the rain…




Our own ptychocarpa

Pink hibiscus

Delicate pink

Red hibiscus

Outside the kitchen window

Yellow hibiscus

Yellow hibiscus

Bush with white flowers

Mystery bush



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2 responses to “What’s flowering

  1. Your mystery bush might be Ilex (holly).

    • Rob

      Yes, the leaf is very holly-like. The flower is a very delicate pale pink. For some reason I did think that the shrub was native; however, looking up Ilex, the only ones I found for Australia look nothing like it, so I must assume it isn’t native (or maybe isn’t Ilex). Might follow up with our Herbarium. The shrub has taken a very long time to get to below waist height, but is very hardy, drought tolerant and occasionally very pretty!

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