Joys of cycling (4)

Monday’s cycle – into West End where I witnessed:
One cyclist fishing (successfully – just as I passed, a beautiful large shiny fish emerged, but fancy fishing in Brisbane river!)
Two chaps practising karate on the grass
One orange-robed monk sauntering with camera in hand
The World Turns – an impressive piece of sculpture near the Kurilpa bridge.

The World Turns

The sculpture acknowledges the “kuril” or native local water rat as caretaker of the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) site. This little creature, on the ground near the front, ‘up-ends’ the elephant with its cultural and intellectual weight.

And I passed this tower, a Brisbane landmark at Davies Park:

Tower, West End

And let my noble steed briefly visit with City cousins – near a classic Queenslander style house and beautiful, massive fig tree.

Fig with cycles


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3 responses to “Joys of cycling (4)

  1. helen

    Great blog Rob! Trying to figure out how to get it into my phone feed reade. Xo

  2. helen

    Great blog Rob! Might have said this already, joys of doing stuff via the phone

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