Forest foray

Well, I fell off the teapot – no surprises there. Friday night, end of the working week (Yay! it’s my weekend)… But! on Saturday we went for a one hour forty minute cycle to and through Toohey Forest Park (followed by a rather generous breakfast in Stones Corner). Very hilly and very warm (we are experiencing a heatwave – and I can’t get that song from Marilyn Monroe’s movie out of my head).

In Toohey Forest Park

The park is a large tract of bushland close to one of our Universities: wonderful trees, large boulders, the occasional witless, wandering dog making the hills even more of a challenge. The grass trees are very picturesque.

Grass trees in Toohey Forest

The cycle path back along the South Eastern Freeway is a reward: lovely long downhill. Part of the path is bordered by green-trunked shade trees.

Shade trees on path near SE Freeway

Stones Corner was buzzing with cyclists and bargain hunters. I loved this art deco storefront I’d not noticed before.
Art deco storefront Stones Corner

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