Tea challenge – Day Five

I’ve impressed myself! Tea is fun … going well so far.
My usual tipple at home is Nerada loose-leaf to start the day, and rosehip/hibiscus teabag toward the end of the evening. We have a lovely tea caddy that belonged to Ron’s mum (who passed away last year, aged 95) – it would have come with her from Holland, and I think of her every morning when I dish out two teaspoons into the pot.

Nell's tea caddy

At work: usually Twinings English Breakfast or Lady Grey teabags. But! branching out: on Tuesday afternoon I brewed up Sir John – a smokey black tea “with jasmine, rose, lemon” – could be worth trying with a squeeze of lemon. A Reviewer likens it to Russian Caravan but with a Turkish delight aftertaste. It didn’t become undrinkable with standing in the pot, and is a very interesting smokey flavour. (I like the smokiness of Laphroaig whiskey, so not surprised that I like this one). I’ve also had a pleasant green tea: Jones.

It’s all in the timing – so the brew doesn’t stew!

At home I tried Happiness organic blend – not a real tea – purchased from Mrs Oldbucks pantry, Berrima, on a recent trip to Kangaroo Valley. Lemon grass, hibiscus, peppermint, citrus peel, coconut, strawberry pieces.
Pink in hue, and dirty looking, with that familiar spent chewing-gum flavour that ‘tea’ not containing camellia sinensis tends to have. Pleasant enough.

Happiness tea

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