The Great Tea-bag Heist

There’s something spooky about this: here I am into day 3 of the Tea Challenge, I set off on my morning cycle and 500 metres up the street, a mass of teabags are festooning the bike path and nearby roadway. Nerada brand, unused (made me think I should get sponsorship for this tea-drinking effort). No I didn’t pick any up.

On Sunday we enjoyed China jasmine tea from T2 poured from a lovely strong stoneware teapot into small Chinese cups. It can be quite mouth drying, though initially refreshing. We could see why cool water is offered along with Chinese tea.

Yesterday at work I really enjoyed Monk, from the Tea Centre – this is a black tea with pear and bergamot. Reviewers claim it has kinship with Earl Grey, based on the bergamot – however I didn’t find Monk at all as strong and quite prefer it; perhaps it is tempered by the pear (which was very subtle). The aroma wasn’t as enticing as the flavour. A top tea, perfect on its own.


Now that I’m trying to remember to take my camera everywhere, I’ve been able to capture my tea-making kit at work, sitting in front of a pile of books in my office waiting for sorting.

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