Lunch at W St.


The happy gang sans Ron.


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This is a test using my phone.




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Leaning loo of Leyburn

A country drive brought us to historic Leyburn on the Darling Downs, home to the Sprints (racing car races), Shane Webcke’s Royal Hotel, free creek-side camping for grey nomads, and some lovely little cottages opposite the pub (try Facebook).

What caught our eye on entering town was a delightful Anglican church, St Augustine’s
Leyburn Anglican church

and this impressively tilted dunny…

Leaning loo

Not the public toilets of Leyburn

We went on to Pratten, and saw this quaint hut in a back street.
Hut in Pratten

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Colours of north Queensland

On a recent trip to far north Queensland, we walked on the beach near the Town of 1770…

Beach at 1770

…and strolled by the bay…

Leaves in the sea at 1770

We admired the shells at Swamp Bay near Airlie Beach…

Shells at Swamp Bay

…and the seaweed at Stingray Bay in the Daintree…

Weed at Stingray Bay

On the Bump Track near Mt Malloy, leaves settled in the creek between stepping stones:

Leaves in stream on Bump Track

Lily pads at Mareeba wetlands concealed a shallow depth:

Mareeba wetlands

And the microbats at Paronella Park dozed in a cluster…

Microbats at Paronella Park

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Spring is sprung

My father’s health is failing, and my parents’ much loved garden in country south-east Queensland has not received so much attention of late. Nonetheless, there is plenty flowering, putting on a show for Spring. The birds love it – including red-winged parrots and lorikeets.

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Jacaranda dreaming

Recent early morning cycles have taken me past glorious jacarandas and silky oaks in flower, a sombre graveyard, and a duck in need of support.

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When I first moved to Brisbane to study at University over 35 years ago, it was unusual to see an adult on a bicycle. Possibly too poor to buy a car? Nowadays, our streets (however poorly they cater for us) hum with bikes at all hours, as we exercise, commute and socialise. And one of us died last weekend, crushed by a truck that was too high for the bridge passing overhead: it crashed, toppled and ended the life of a father of two, cycling on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning.

Railway bridge on Annerley Road

This bridge is a few hundred metres from my workplace and our home. We often cycle under it, and yesterday I paused to pay my respects at a sad memorial to the tragic loss of a young life.


Messages of farewell


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